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HPE InfoSight Analytics Professional


The HPE InfoSight Analytics Professional class provides an overview and hands-on lab exercises covering the AI-driven management and predictive analytics features and functionality of Infosight. In this course, you use HPE InfoSight to analyze performance issues and to gain recommendations for HPE 3PAR, HPE Primera, HPE Nimble, HPE servers, HPE SimpliVity and HPE virtualization infrastructure solutions. This course is updated to include new and advanced features of HPE InfoSight.


The training targets HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE Primera, HPE Nimble, HPE server, HPE SympliVity, and HPE virtualization customers.


No previous experience with storage arrays and virtualization is necessary, but some knowledge of storage array and virtualization terminology is recommended.

Course objectives

  • Describe device registration requirements
  • Navigate dashboards
  • Analyze performance issues
  • Analyze recommendation insights
  • Forecast storage, server, and virtualization requirements

Detailed course outline

Module 0: HPE InfoSight Analytics Professional Class Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Day 1 agenda
  • Day 2 agenda

Module 1: Introduction to HPE InfoSight

  • What HPE InfoSight can provide
  • Review of HPE InfoSight case studies
  • • Discuss the three core features of HPE’s intelligent storage AI vision (self-managing, self-healing, self-optimizing)
  • Identify the three pillars of how HPE leads AI for hybrid cloud (customer impact, cloud-based AI platform, crossstack telemetry)
  • Identify the HPE Infosight O-L-P-R-A model (observing, learning, predicting, recommending, acting)
  • List what HPE Infosight sees and predicts behind the scenes
  • Describe the AI process for self-healing storage (telemetry, scan, identify, fingerprint, signature, automated case lifecycle)
  • Describe the two requirements of predictive analytics (analytics/automation and AI recommendation engine)
  • Describe the architecture of the AI recommendation engine
  • List the common questions and answers that drive prescriptive insights
  • List the top five insights of Cross-Stack Analytics
  • Discuss the value of resource planning
  • Describe the four areas of HPE InfoSight’s unique value 

Module 2: HPE InfoSight Portal and Product Support Paths

  • Login to HPE InfoSight portal using HPE Passport
  • Navigate and configure the HPE InfoSight home/landing page
  • HPE InfoSight portal and product support paths

Module 3: HPE InfoSight for Nimble Storage

  • HPE InfoSight for Nimble Storage support strategy
  • InfoSight for Nimble initial configuration
  • InfoSight for Nimble Storage theory of operation
  • InfoSight for Nimble Storage connectivity prerequisites
  • InfoSight for Nimble Storage wellness issues
  • HPE InfoSight labs for Nimble Storage
  • InfoSight for Nimble Storage wellness issues
  • HPE InfoSight labs for Nimble Storage

Module 4: HPE InfoSight for Primera, 3PAR StoreServ

  • System group setup and system registration
  • General use (classic UI)
  • HPE InfoSight for Primera, 3PAR StoreServ frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Module 5: HPE InfoSight for Servers

  • HPE InfoSight for Servers support strategy
  • Initial configuration
  • InfoSight for Servers theory of operation
  • InfoSight for Servers connectivity prerequisites
  • InfoSight for Servers user management
  • InfoSight for Servers Infrastructure, Wellness and Operational Dashboards
  • InfoSight for Servers email notifications
  • HPE InfoSight for Servers frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Module 6: HPE InfoSight Cross-Stack Analytics for VMware

  • Cross-Stack Analytics
  • Nimble Cross-Stack Analytics configuration
  • HPE Primera Cross-Stack Analytics configuration
  • HPE 3PAR Cross-Stack Analytics configuration
  • Cross-Stack Analytics case study

Module 7: InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity

  • The what, why and how
  • HPE SimpliVity and servers
  • Requirements for InfoSight on HPE SimpliVity
  • Getting connected: general diagnostic process
  • InfoSight portal features for HPE SimpliVity
  • Visibility: data center, cluster and host details
  • Predictive analytics
  • VM resource utilization
  • Registering the HPE SimpliVity plug-in for vSphere client

Module 8: Course Review

  • HPE InfoSight coverage across the HPE portfolio
  • Review learning objectives
  • Review how to access available resources

HPE InfoSight Analytics Professional

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24.6.2024 –  25.6.2024  Online

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