Terms and Conditions of IVITERA a.s.

1) The service provider, the company IVITERA as, within the customer-paid advertising on its website: www.educity.cz , www.slevokurzy.cz , www.hrtv.cz < / a>, www.hrnews.cz , www. managementnews.cz , www.salesnews.cz , www.katalog-profesionalu.cz , www.jobcity.cz , www.meetings.cz , www.talentlink.cz , www.spolunamaterske.cz , www.hrzive.cz , www.hrserver.cz and other websites operated by IVITERA as undertakes to provide:

  1. Allow access to designated administrators of the customer (sending an individual password and login) to the administration application and allow online entry of information and editing in texts and attachments (except banners, articles and videos).

  2. Transfer of data to Alliance portals (only for advertising of trainings and courses).

  3. Training of the customer's administrator in the form of a consultation by phone or in person based on an agreement with the customer.

  4. Publication of the ordered advertisement and other paid services in the agreed scope and time.

  5. Functionality of the application and website of IVITERA a.s. ( www.educity.cz , www.hrtv.cz , www.hrnews.cz , www .managementnews.cz , www.salesnews.cz , www.katalog-profesionalu.cz , www.jobcity.cz , www.meetings.cz , www.talentlink.cz , www.spolunamaterske.cz , www.hrzive.cz </ a >, www.hrserver.cz and others) for the entire period of validity of the order, with the exception of necessary service interventions and outages caused by a third party without the possibility of influence by the provider

2) The transition from a higher tariff band to a lower one in a given year is not possible. The transition from a lower to a higher tariff band can be made in the form of an additional order, the customer will be charged an amount equal to the difference between the prices of both tariffs.

3) The responsible person of the customer specified in the order determines his administrators - their name, surname, company, binding email address. The Provider will accept requests for changes in the Client's presentation only from the administrators and email addresses specified by the Client. The Provider will accept changes of administrators only from the responsible person of the Client from the email address specified in the order. The provider is not responsible for any misuse of the email address by the customer's staff.

4) The customer is solely responsible for the content of the published information of the customer, their accuracy and moral admissibility. The Provider is not obliged to review this content to ensure that it does not harm the interests of third parties. The customer is responsible for the claims of third parties that would be raised against the provider in this connection.

5) If registered registered trademarks are used in the publication of the customer's presentation, the customer grants the provider permission to use these trademarks by signing a binding order. The customer warrants that he is entitled to grant permission to use these marks.

By signing the order or the contract with the provider, the customer also agrees and declares that all information, photos, graphics and especially PR articles have copyright, which entitles him to make photos, information and graphics available for further subsequent use, and publication by the provider. The Provider may further handle the delivered documents both for its own needs and for publication through various media, provided that it states the source and does not change the content of the delivered documents. By signing the order, the customer agrees to their publication and is responsible for the claims of third parties to the delivered documents. With the permission to use the trademark and consent from the position of copyright, it does not arise. The customer is entitled to no remuneration, ie permission and consent are made free of charge.

6) The Provider has the right to remove or not publish parts of advertisements or entire advertisements, the content of which violates applicable laws, good morals, or is contrary to generally applicable moral principles, even without prior notice to the customer. However, this right does not affect the liability of the agent under Article 4.

7) The provider reserves the right to remove the content of the advertisement from thematic categories that are not related to the advertised content. The Provider also reserves the right to remove the information published by the Client if its scope or form exceeds the conditions set out in the binding contract.

8) The Provider reserves the right to delete the information published by the customer if the customer does not pay the contract price, which he undertakes by signing a valid binding order by the due date of the sent advance invoice.

9) The Provider reserves the right to suspend the provision of services under this contract in the event that the Customer is in arrears with any payment under this contract.

10) Unless otherwise stated in the price list, prices do not include the creation of PR articles, videos, press releases, descriptions of courses and services or the production of banner advertising, but only advertising space for their placement.

11) After confirming the order, the customer will be sent an advance invoice in electronic form, after its payment then a valid tax document again in electronic form. Upon agreement of both parties, a separate special contract may be concluded instead of the order.

12) The advance invoice and the tax document will be sent in electronic form (pdf) to the binding email for invoices. By signing the order or contract, the customer agrees to send invoices in electronic form to the email addresses.

13) When ordering services on www.skoleni-kurzy.eu , the customer is obliged to pay commissions for mediated and executed orders sent from www.skoleníkurzy.eu, in the amount of 10% of the price of the course fee without VAT listed on www.skoleni-kurzy.eu at the time of ordering.

Commission invoicing will be done once a month, or less often depending on the number of orders.

14) Invoicing of commissions from advertising on www.skolení-kurzy.eu will be mediated through the company OBECnet, s.r.o. IR: 25564919.

15) If the customer has obligations to the provider for the publication of advertising or the provision of advertising space in the relevant previously due products under other contracts, payment under this contract will be considered as payment of these previously due obligations.

16) The customer is entitled to withdraw from the already concluded contract on the publication of advertising without giving a reason, if the written withdrawal from the contract is delivered to the provider:

  1. Timely withdrawal from the contract is considered to be a written notice of withdrawal received between the 1st day from the signing of the contract to the date of the start of the presentation and use of the services.

    In the event of such withdrawal from the contract, the provider is entitled to demand severance pay for withdrawal from the contract, which amounts to 15% of the price for publishing the advertisement without VAT, but at least CZK 3,000 (in words three thousand Czech crowns) excluding VAT.

  2. In the event of withdrawal from the contract after the start of the presentation, the provider is entitled to demand payment of a proportion of the services already used. Furthermore, severance pay for withdrawal from the contract, which amounts to 15% of the unused part of the presentation, but at least the amount of CZK 5,000.00 (in words, five thousand Czech crowns) without VAT.

  3. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the customer has the right to charge for demonstrably incurred costs for the production of the presentation (eg. video recording, article production, etc.). The above amounts only cover the administrative costs associated with the withdrawal, not the costs incurred in the production of the presentation. The incurred production costs should not exceed the amount of CZK 10,000 in the event that the customer is not notified in writing of higher costs.

17) Within the framework of a valid contract, the customer is obliged to reserve areas and dates in advance, especially for the publication of articles, banners and other services requiring the reservation and delivery of documents. Reservations must be made by email to helpdesk@ivitera.com , or helpdesk@educity.cz .

For reserved areas, the Provider is obliged to contact the administrators of the customer at least 2 weeks before the date of reservation and notify the delivery of documents.

If the customer does not provide the documents for the start of the campaign despite the invitation, he can request a transfer to another free date at least 1 week before the start of the campaign.

If the customer does not request a postponement of the start date of the campaign, nor does he provide documents, the entire campaign is counted as past without the right to compensation on the day of the start of the campaign.

18) The contracting parties have agreed that all mutual disputes between the contracting parties will be decided by the courts of the Czech Republic and the contracting parties have also agreed on a change of territorial jurisdiction, where the Pilsen-City District Court or in the case of its substantive jurisdiction). By signing this contract, the customer declares that the advertisement is used for his business activities, ie the contract cannot be seen as a consumer contract. In matters not regulated by this contract, the legal relations of the contracting parties are governed by Act No. 89/2012 Coll. Both parties extend the limitation period of all rights under this contract to 5 years.

19) The customer is obliged to send the original order of the advertisement to the provider by post to the address below, no later than 14 days from signing.

Kafkova 16, 160 00 Prague 6
Reg. ID: 28186575, VAT ID: CZ28186575
Tel .: +420 222 744 111, +420 736 700 918
info@ivitera.com , Bank Account No .: 2821869001/5500