Abravito.cz – Your Guide to the Professional IT Training with the Largest Selection of 16,000 Courses and 180 Providers in the Czech Republic

IT training is becoming one of the key areas in which companies and institutions have invested heavily in recent years. Therefore, Ivitera a.s. comes up with a new project abravito.cz – the online IT training marketplace. Its goal is to make it easier for organizations and individuals to select providers and courses in the field of information technology.


Abravito currently offers over 16,000 courses and workshops (3,000 online) from 180 providers.

According to Michal Kankrlík, co-founder of abravito.cz and the CEO of the company Ivitera, which runs the project, abravito allows everyone to choose in one marketplace from the largest offer of professional IT courses (both - on and offline) and their providers in the Czech Republic and in the near future in the CEE region as well.

"Whether you are looking for an IT course or a provider for yourself or your employees, if you cannot find it on abravito.cz, you can send us your request using the online form and we will help you get what you need as soon as possible free of charge," adds Michal Kankrlík.

Abravito - Brave Move For Your IT Development

The name abravito contains two English words: "brave" and "IT". We want to allow you not only to follow the news and course offers, but also to provide you with a space for your opinions and evaluations of training providers and their courses, webinars and workshops using our evalugo.com platform.

IT education is not so much tied to physical presence, location, or the language of instruction as soft skills. In addition, the vast majority of IT professionals are fluent in English and accustomed to online learning, as they often work on projects across countries or continents where the site itself does not play a key role.

"We have been operating the EduCity portal for over 20 years, it is the largest offer of professional training courses and providers in the Czech Republic. The area of ​​IT training is very interesting as the courses are usually being ordered by the end-users, often by the  IT specialists themselves or even team and department managers. It is no exception that the head of the company's large IT department orders or requests courses or lecturers for his/her team, "says Tomáš Pospíchal, co-founder of the project.

Therefore, we have the opportunity to move abravito ahead to the international level, both in terms of the offer of courses and their participants. We want to provide a wide range of IT courses from our and foreign providers with the opportunity to purchase the offered educational program ideally straight away and complete it online.

Abravito - výpis kurzů

"On abravito, we work with a very strong community of IT professionals. We want to provide them with the best development opportunities and potentially permanent, contracts and interim job offers as well. We see abravito not only as an educational platform but more as the IT community hub that could very well connect the needs of the IT experts and companies, "adds Tomáš Pospíchal.