IT Training Launches Site to Meet Needs of New Learners

New Horizons IT and Business Training Solutions, a global leading provider of cutting edge IT training to corporate learners and administrators for 40 years, has launched a new website the company says will better meet the needs of today’s younger IT trainees. The site brings more visual engagement and is easy to use, providing more educational opportunities for the new generation of IT professionals.


“Our 18- to 24-year-old demographic has seen significant growth over the past three years. It is now our fastest-growing customer segment,” said Dave Saben, Chief Experience Officer for New Horizons. “Our goal has always been to meet learners on their own terms, and those terms are changing. Our new mobile-first, responsive site was specifically designed to appeal to younger learners who demand a seamless experience across all screen sizes.”

Because New Horizons interacts with so many of its learners via the internet, the website needed to change from an assisted sales model, where a call center employee would follow up with website visitors to complete the transaction, to a new model that can facilitate user-driven transactions.

“When a learner lands on our website today, they can choose one of thousands of available courses in just three clicks of the mouse, enrolling themselves in a life-changing experience without the need to talk to any of the hundreds of consultants we have working across the globe,” Saben said.

Most of the learners that New Horizons served in the past were from the Baby Boomer or Generation X demographics. Today’s Millennials don’t have as much interest in talking on the phone with a human when they can complete the transaction quickly on their own. So, the company is shifting to meet their needs, while it continues to partner with an older demographic of learners as their careers advance.

But not everything has changed. Like previous generations, today’s learners want to be prepared for the future by having the skills it takes to succeed. They want to “learn what earns” and see their educational efforts tied to outcomes, whether that means moving up within their existing profession or moving out and up in a future profession.

“We helped define IT training and we’re very proud of our 40-year history in this business, but we also remain focused on the future,” said New Horizons CEO Mikell Rigg Parsch. “We’re not here to deliver a single course, but rather to really partner with our learners and our corporate administrators throughout the entire knowledge transfer process. When our learners are ready to advance, we’ll be there with the learning resources they need to increase their skills. We want to be there for them throughout this entire process.”

About New Horizons
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