New Horizons forms Partnership with Pencils of Promise

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, a leading provider of cutting-edge IT training to individuals and organizations world-wide, has formed a new partnership with the non-profit, school-building organization Pencils of Promise (PoP) to help a new generation of students reach their future goals through education.


“For the past four decades, we have concentrated our energies on supporting adult learners and organizational leaders to achieve greater success through upskilling,” said New Horizons President and CEO, Mikell Rigg Parsch. “Now, through this new partnership we have the opportunity to support the next generation of students by helping Pencils of Promise provide the schools they need to get their start in this world.”

Since 2008, PoP has built over 550 pre and primary schools that provide quality education environments to more than 110,000 students. The organization exists to serve the 250 million children who can’t read because they lack basic education or the schools in which to receive it.

“PoP brand partners come from all industries around the world and are united in one common goal–supporting global education. With New Horizons we have a partner that knows first-hand the difference good education can have on a person’s life,” said Kailee Scales, Chief Executive Officer of Pencils of Promise. “I can’t think of a better organization to partner with than New Horizons and I can’t wait to see the difference we can make together in the lives of underprivileged children around the world.”

PoP partnerships are long-lasting, meaningful relationships that produce measurable results that are mutually beneficial. The organization partners with a wide variety of corporate organizations, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Warby Parker and Google.

“I’m proud to welcome New Horizons to our family,” said Adam Braun, Founder and Executive Chairman of Pencils for Promise. “Together, we will provide the means, methods and materials necessary to increase literacy and numeracy rates in the developing world.”

About Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise is known as a school building organization that provides access to education, but it has evolved into a learning organization focused on quality education outcomes. With a dynamic approach to ensure quality education through its programs, PoP is reshaping the landscape of education in the global south. To date, PoP has built more than 554 schools that currently serve over 110,000 students across Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. For more information on Pencils of Promise please visit

About New Horizons

New Horizons’ IT and business training solutions have kept individuals and businesses—from startups to global enterprises—ahead of the technology curve since 1982. The New Horizons global franchise network spans six continents and over 30 countries, thus combining the resources of the world's largest IT training company with the responsiveness of a local partner. Known for enhancing career development and boosting effectiveness in the contemporary workplace, New Horizons provides measurable return on any company's training investment and its multiple learning modalities meet the diverse styles, demands and schedules of today’s learners.